WHA Abalone Fertiliser Range

WHA Liquid Abalone Fish Fertilizer Range

CASSA Wild Harvested Abalone Liquid Fish Fertilizer uses 100% local Wild Harvested Abalone. Improves soil health and increases soil fertility by providing the primary nutrients and active micro-organisms necessary for plants to thrive. WHA Soil Enhancing Fertilizer offers a source of burn-free nitrogen, along with other primary nutrients of phosphorus and potassium. Unlike synthetic fertilizer, it provides secondary nutrients such as calcium and active micro-organisms. Plants grown in soils abundant in active micro-organisms that receive a balance of primary and secondary nutrients experience strong and steady plant growth leading to vigorous healthy plants that can better withstand disease and pest issues.

Our liquid abalone fertilizer range are all free-flowing organic liquid. They are easy to decant into mixing and irrigation tanks and are guaranteed to pass easily through all forms of spray equipment, which means no more spray nozzle blockages and wasted downtime. The improved efficiency of our easy flow fertilizers means our products are rapidly absorbed and deliver the nutrients evenly. WHA Liquid Abalone Fertilizer is a completely natural non-toxic organic product that is safe on all soils and plants and can be used all year round.

100% Wild Harvested Australian Abalone

Nitrogen Nitrogen rich fertilizers enhance both productivity and profitability and are critical to plant growth and reproduction. When applied to soil nitrogen supports rapid plant growth and encourages healthy development of fruit and foliage. Nitrogen based fertilizers are specifically beneficial for the development of young plants that need to grow rapidly and establish themselves in soil. Soil management through the addition of a balanced nitrogen fertilizer will improve the nitrogen use efficiency ‘NUE’ in the soil and help sustain increased plant growth.

Carbon Quality high level organic Carbon supports the soil to store moisture and assists a higher biological activity in treated soils. Carbon components in fertilizers provide the germinating plant with better access to nutrients. Together these factors generate greater plant yields and nutrient cycling. Bio-active carbon improves nitrogen fertilizer efficiency and ecological sustainability. The use of carbon fertilizers stimulate beneficial soil microbes naturally present in the soil to correct any imbalance with pathogenic microbes. Carbon can minimise nutrient losses due to leeching and reduce the adverse effects of salinity and acidity that can result from the application of conventional chemical fertilizers. The addition of carbon can also improve soil structure and support and maintain the optimal nutrient levels in the soil for longer. Carbon fertilizers added to the soil stimulate greater plant root development due to the natural release of beneficial additions including vitamins, enzymes and plant hormones which results in boosted plant growth and increased profitability. 

( Available in convenient 20L Drums and bulk 200L Drums and 1000L IBCs. )