Pro Earth Feed (Powder)

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Pro Earth Feed

Livestock Feed Additive (Powder)


CASSA AgriTec’s Pro Earth Feed is a highly effective pro-biotic feed additive for the support of livestock gut health. This marine gut health formulation improves animal health, increases livestock lean mass, increases milk fat production in dairy cattle and reduces methane gas emissions. This unique formula improves the gastrointestinal health and gut micro-flora in all ruminant animals and other species of livestock which reduces rumen acidosis, livestock scours and increases immunity.Pro Earth Feed is enzymatically extracted and formulated from Atlantic Seaweed (Ochrophyta), Australian wild harvested marine crustaceans enzymes and a combination of beneficial bacteria and pro-biotics formulated together with our inert proprietary ingredients in our laboratories. Each active ingredient has been scientifically proven to improve the gastrointestinal health and gut micro-flora in both ruminant animals and other species of livestock. CASSA’s Pro Earth Feed Formula delivers energy and amino acid digestibility which results in increased profitability through animal growth and health, increases milk fat production in dairy cattle and by supporting sustainable animal husbandry through the reduction of gas emissions in ruminant livestock. Livestock emissions account for a significant percentage of Australia’s current carbon emissions footprint. By incorporating Pro Earth Feed powder daily, into the existing diet of ruminant animals, farmers can reduce methane livestock emissions by up to 85%, reduce manure methane and nitrous oxide emissions and support sustainable Australian farming practices.The microbial activity in the rumen of the cow is an essential contributor to lipid production in bovine milk. Pro Earth Feed boosts the gut micro-flora in dairy cattle through our unique organic marine formulation which in turn increases the amount of milk fat solids produced in dairy cattle. This organic biological marine formulation help supports Australian farmers in a move towards carbon neutral farming and provides a natural alternative solution to the use of anti-biotic growth promoters and chemical additives. 


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+ Reduces Ruminant Livestock Methane Gas Emissions by up to 85%
+ Reduces Manure Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emissions
+ Improves Livestock Health and Enhances Animal Immunity
+ Reduces Livestock Breeding Period Reduces Livestock Feed requirements by up to 14%
+ Increases Milk Fat Production in Dairy Cattle Increases Milk Solids by up to 0.8%
+ Improves FCR (Feed Conversion Ratio) by up to 8%
+ Restores Gut Health and balance of Gut Micro-flora
+ Improves Livestock Growth Rate (10%-20% Improvement)
+ Improves Lean Mass in Livestock (Sheep, Cattle, Pigs and Goats)
+ Reduces Rumen Acidosis and Livestock Scours
+ Increases Disease Resistance 

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