M9 Microbial Inoculate (Powder)

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Nature's Biological Protection

M9 Microbial Inoculate Formula 

Organic Biological Formulation



CASSA AgriTec’s M9 Microbial Inoculate Formula is formulated with a synergistic consortium of naturally occurring beneficial soil micro-organisms. Together these help to break down and increase the organic matter within the soil freeing trapped carbon and other vital nutrients. This biological formulation supports farmers in improving soil health and the utilization rate of fertilizers by increasing the uptake of plant nutrients and enhancing the resistance of diseases and pathogens. The M9 Microbial Inoculate Formula will also assist in better nutrient cycling to significantly improve the soil’s structure, maximizing root growth and retain soil moisture.


Biological Nitrogen Fixation Process of assimilating atmospheric nitrogen into organic compounds, especially by microorganisms.
Phosphate Solubilization Process of solubilizing bound phosphate in the soil and making it available for uptake by plants.
Phytohormone Production Process of using carbon sequestration to increase healthy plant hormones and storing carbon in the soil which drastically increases the amount of available nitrate nitrogen.
Mobilization and Mineralization Process of mobilizing and mineralization of soil nutrients such as salt, phosphate, magnesium, and calcium into a form that is easily used by the plant.
Saprophytic Competence Saprophytes live on decomposing and dead matter that helps the microbes in M9 Microbial Inoculate Formula compete with the native soil microbes, allowing them to better perform their intended functions.

Powder (Bulk Quantities Available)

+ Restores beneficial soil bacteria
+ Enhance soil quality and fertility
+ Unlocks bound up nutrients
+ Stimulates biological activity
+ Regulates pH in acid and alkaline conditions
+ Reduces the use of inorganic fertilizers (NPK)
+ Promotes plant growth and increase yields
+ Reduces the toxic chemical compounds remaining in the soil
+ Extends strong root systems

M9 Microbial Inoculate Formula Brochure - PDF Link