CASSA AgriTec is dedicated to 'Helping You Grow' with our high quality organic marine and biological fertilisers and formulas that provide cost-effective, environmentally beneficial, sustainable solutions that boost plant growth and health and support strong resillient soils.

CASSA BioEarth, WHA and WHS organic marinfertilizers are formulated to improve soil health and fertility and plant health and growth and return high yields.At CASSA we are committed to using sustainable safe and eco-friendly processes and inputs. Our cost-effective products are proudly 100% Australian made and owned and are dedicated to supporting the Agricultural and Horticultural industries through Australian products.

We currently offer a full range of biological fertilizers including soil boosters, enhancers and improvers. Our custom formulated range of wild harvested marine based products include inputs such as nitrogen, carbon and active probiotics to protect plants, enhance growth and improve soil quality, water and nutrient retention. At CASSA we utilise our innovative in-house developed biodegradable enzymes in our processing of our marine raw materials. Conventional harsh and crude extraction methods traditionally used such as chemicals and excessive heat or pressure can denature to the quality of nutrients and nitrogen availability and can also diminish the absorption rates of the soil. Our state-of-the-art enzyme based technology allows us to maximise the active nutritional content and absorption rates in our marine liquid ensuring our products deliver premium results for our customers. The improved efficiency of our easy flow fertilizers means our products are rapidly absorbed and deliver the nutrients evenly. Easy to store and transport and are available in a convenient range of bulk sizes including 20L & 200L Drums and 1000L IBC’s.

CASSA AgriTec 'Helping You Grow'

Helping You Grow = Healthier Soils = Stronger Faster Growing Healthier Plants = Higher Yields

CASSA AgriTec Easy Flow

Our liquid fertilizer range are all free-flowing organic liquid. They are easy to decant into mixing and irrigation tanks and easily pass through spray equipment, which means no more spray nozzle blockages and wasted downtime. The improved efficiency of our easy flow fertilizers means our products are rapidly absorbed and deliver the nutrients evenly. This makes our WHA and WHS Fertilizers readily adaptable to a variety of application methods including foliar spraying and fertigation equipment.

Nature's Sustainable Solutions

At CASSA AgriTec we pride ourselves delivering premium quality natural environmentally sustainable solutions to our customers that deliver high-grade, nutrient rich microbial solutions across our range our ferilizers, soil inoculates and plant defence formulas.

Our goal is to regenerate Australian soils naturally and support Australian farmers in producing faster growing, healthier plants and higher yields of
superior quality and appearance. CASSA AgriTec supports sustainable farming by contributing to the long-term viability of farmland through our sustainable natural microbial fertilizers and formulas. We are a proudly Australian Made and Owned, ISO 9001 Certified company that supports Australian farmers through
Australian Made quality, cost-reducing products.

Certified Organic Inputs CASSA AgriTec WHS (Wild Harvested Seaweed) and WHA (Wild Harvested Abalone) Fertiliser are certified organic. Certified Organic products are grown and processed without the use of synthetic chemicals or GMO's. Customers can have peace of mind knowing that they are purchasing quality organic products and they know what is contained in the product is safe and certified.

Superior Quality Products at Cassa AgriTec all our organic fertilisers are produced from organic inputs that are enzymatically extracted at low temperatures without the need of harsh chemicals. All CASSA AgriTec microbes and enzymes used in our proprietary extraction process are naturally occurring and sourced from nature.

Wild Harvested Inputs CASSA AgriTec uses Wild Harvested Seaweed and Wild Harvested Abalone harvested from our local pristine Victorian waters.

Natural Microbes & Enzymes CASSA AgriTec microbes and enzymes are naturally occurring and sourced from nature. They are readily bio-degradable and have not been genetically modified. CASSA AgriTec microbes and enzymes are extracted using a proprietary enzymatic fermentation process avoiding chemical polluting treatments and carbon polluting methods.

Custom Formulation Fertilisers

We work closely with our farmers and growers to develop tailored solutions and customised formulations for specific crops and soil types that support increased productivity, maximise growth rates, soil quality and profit. Every farm has an individual soil type and specific nutritional requirements. CASSA works closely with farmers and agronomiststo create customised formulas to address the specific needs of each crop type and soil environment. Utilising state of the art soil testing and the best Australian inputs developed locally at our facility in Williamstown North VIC, we have the unique ability to formulate tailor-made fertiliser solutions for our customers and test our products using international standard laboratories to ensure our formulations meet rigorous standards and offer a superior solution at a competitive price.

Key Active Inputs

Nitrogen rich fertilizers enhance both productivity and profitability and are critical to plant growth and reproduction. When applied to soil nitrogen supports rapid plant growth and encourages healthy development of fruit and foliage. Nitrogen based fertilizers are specifically beneficial for the development of young plants that need to grow rapidly and establish themselves in soil. Soil management through the addition of a balanced nitrogen fertilizer will improve the nitrogen use efficiency ‘NUE’ in the soil and help sustain increased plant growth.

Carbon Bio-Stimulant
Quality high level organic Carbon supports the soil to store moisture and assists a higher biological activity in treated soils. Carbon components in fertilizers provide the germinating plant with better access to nutrients. Together these factors generate greater plant yields and nutrient cycling. Bioactive carbon improves nitrogen fertilizer efficiency and ecological sustainability. The use of carbon fertilizers stimulate beneficial soil microbes naturally present in the soil to correct any imbalance with pathogenic microbes. Carbon can minimise nutrient losses due to leeching and reduce the adverse effects of salinity and acidity that can result from the application of conventional chemical fertilizers. The addition of carbon can also improve soil structure and support and maintain the optimal nutrient levels in the soil for longer. Carbon fertilizers added to the soil stimulate greater plant root development due to the natural release of beneficial additions including vitamins, enzymes and plant hormones which results in boosted plant growth and increased profitability.

Active Beneficial Soil Enhancing Bacteria
Beneficial bacteria and fungi are active in healthy soil. These beneficial living microbes help to break down soil nutrients and stop highly valuable nutrients from absorbing into the air or water. The addition of Active Pro-Biotics into the soil through enhancing fertilisers restore nutrient levels and enable the plants to use the soil nutrients more effectively. By injecting ‘good’ microbes into the soil this can dramatically increase crop yields and pest resistance. Bio-fertilisers can also improve water retention levels in soils and increase plant root mass.

Pest Control (Plant Defence)

CASSA AgriTec’s  AIC Plant Defence Formula (Aetiology & Infestation Control) and PIC Plant Defence Formula (Pest Insect Control) are broad spectrum, preventative defence plant protection products for the non-chemical support of plant health in the event of aetiology and infestation (AIC) and in pest insect disease defence and resistance (PIC). By combining nature's organic biological micro-nutrients our Plant Defence Formulas provide the plant with the building blocks to build the optimal environmental conditions for the plant to thrive and control aetiology, infestation and pest insects. Our naturally occurring organic biological micro-nutrients assist the plant to naturally control the environment of the plant by non-toxic organic biological mechanisms without the need to apply toxic chemicals. The AIC and PIC Formulations provide natural biological protection and supports plant health and produce and extends shelf-life after harvest.

CASSA AgriTec’s AIC & PIC Plant Defence Formula's unlike chemical alternatives provides distinct modes of biological actions. These natural biological agents contained in our Plant Defence Formulas have never demonstrated cross-resistance with any chemical insecticide. Our organic biological formulations are non-toxic to pollinators and other beneficial insects which means it won’t kill off beneficial fauna. These cost effective Australian Made & Owned Formulas are highly effective disease control solutions that are ideal for in-crop disease control and plant supported prevention and resistance management programs.

CASSA’s AIC Plant Defence Formula and PIC Plant Defence Formula are available as a powder or blended with WHS Seaweed Fertiliser.

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