Plant Defence Formulas

CASSA AgriTec’s  AIC Plant Defence Formula (Aetiology & Infestation Control) and PIC Plant Defence Formula (Pest Insect Control) and BioN Plant Defence Formula (Fungal Disease & Nematodes Control) are broad spectrum, preventative defence plant protection products for the non-chemical support of plant health in the event of aetiology and infestation (AIC), pest insect disease defence and resistance (PIC) and fungal and nematode disease defence and resistance (BioN). By combining nature's organic biological micro-nutrients our Plant Defence Formulas provide the plant with the building blocks to build the optimal environmental conditions for the plant to thrive and control aetiology, infestation and pest insects. Our naturally occurring organic biological micro-nutrients assist the plant to naturally control the environment of the plant by non-toxic organic biological mechanisms without the need to apply toxic chemicals. The AIC, PIC and BioN Formulations provide natural biological protection and supports plant health and produce and extends shelf-life after harvest.

CASSA AgriTec’s AIC & PIC & BioN Plant Defence Formula's unlike chemical alternatives provides distinct modes of biological actions. These natural biological agents contained in our Plant Defence Formulas have never demonstrated cross-resistance with any chemical insecticide. Our organic biological formulations are non-toxic to pollinators and other beneficial insects which means it won’t kill off beneficial fauna. These cost effective Australian Made & Owned Formulas are highly effective disease control solutions that are ideal for in-crop disease control and plant supported prevention and resistance management programs. The PIC, AIC and BioN Plant Defence Formulas are available as a soluble powder in 1kg sealed bags or blended with our WHA Abalone Fish Fertiliser available in convenient 20L Drums and bulk 1000L IBCs.