BioN Plant Defence - 1000L

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Nature's Biological Protection

BioN Plant Defence
Bionematicide Formula
Organic Biological Formulation

Active Ingredients:
Paecilomyces lilacinus, 100% Wild Harvest Australian Abalone Fish Fertiliser
(*Contains at least 5.0 x 108 colony forming units per gram dry weight)


CASSA AgriTec’s BioN Plant Defence Formula is a broad spectrum, preventative suppression and control formula for the support of plant health. BioN’s Bionematicide formulation is a root-colonizing biological defence, that can be used at planting and post planting, providing season-long protection against soil nematodes, soil arthropods and fungal disease. CASSA AgriTec’s BioN Plant Defence is an organic biological formulation that contains the naturally occurring micro-organism Paecilomyces lilacinus in combination with Wild Harvested Abalone Liquid Fish Fertilizer which uses 100% local Wild Harvested Abalone. In addition to providing plant defence against nematodes and soil fungi the abalone fish fertilizer improves soil health and increases soil fertility by providing the primary nutrients and active micro-organisms necessary for plants to thrive.

BioN Plant Defence + WHA Fertilizer Benefits

+ Micro-biological Root-colonizing Active Ingredient that Kills Nematodes
+ Multi-site Mode of Action Against Nematodes Eggs and Juveniles
+ Broad Spectrum Activity Against a Multitude Nematodes
+ Activity by Contact, Ingestion and Exposure
+ Internal Plant Response
+ Economical Solution to Nematodes and Soil Insect Pests
+ Creates a Biochemical and Physical Barrier to Improve Plant Health
+ Broad spectrum suppression & control that provides extended protection
+ Increases Yields and Harvest Quality and Protects against Yield Losses
+ Promotes Stronger, Healthier Roots
+ Active Against Specific Soil Arthropods
+ Ideal for both Planting or Post-Planting Applications
+ Organic, All Natural, Non-toxic Plant Defence Formula

Size: Bulk 1000 Litre IBC

(1KG  BioN  Formula + 1000L WHA Abalone Fish Fertilizer) (Blended)

BioN Plant Defence Brochure - PDF Link

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