AgriTec Formulations

CASSA AgriTec's continued dedication to providing natural sustainable solutions for the Agriculture and Horticulture industries has led to the development of our AgriTec Formulation Range. These proprietary custom developed, scientifically tested, microbial formulations can regenerate the soil, improve livestock health and reduce carbon emissions. 

CASSA AgriTec’s MGH Marine Livestock Formula is a highly effective pro-biotic feed additive for the support of livestock gut health. This marine gut health formula is ideal for use in Ruminant Livestock and the reduction of methane gas emissions. This unique formula improves the gastrointestinal health and gut micro-flora in all ruminant animals and other species of livestock and reduces methane greenhouse gas emissions in ruminant animals.

CASSA AgriTec’s M9 Microbial Inoculate Formula is formulated with a synergistic consortium of naturally occurring beneficial soil micro-organisms. Together these help to break down and increase the organic matter within the soil freeing trapped carbon and other vital nutrients. This biological formulation supports farmers in improving soil health and the utilization rate of fertilizers by increasing the uptake of plant nutrients and enhancing the resistance of diseases and pathogens.