Bio Bone (Powder) 1000kg

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Bio Bone
(Slow Release Fish & Bone Formula)

Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Calcium and Carbon
(Organic, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Product)



Bio Bone (Slow Release) is rich in Protein, Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Calcium and Organic Carbon in addition to key Macro and MicroNutrients which many fertilizers lack. Bio Bone also contain natural fish oils which have been demonstrated to deter pests and limit plant diseases. Bio Bone reinvigorates microbes in the soil to support stronger plants and higher yields. The organic fertilizer promotes overall soil health and fertility. Bio Bone provides the primary nutrients necessary for plants to thrive, by offering a source of burn-free nitrogen phosphorus and calcium, along with the other primary nutrients this supports year-round plant growth. Ideal for perennials and blubs, Bio Bone is an excellent, nutrient rich, alternative to traditional bone meal fertilizers. With high levels of phosphorus Bio Bone aids flowering and fruiting and with high levels of calcium it improves new shoot development. Plants that receive a balance of micro and macro nutrients experience stronger roots and increased steady growth leading to vigorous productive plants that produce higher yields and are able to withstand disease and pest issues.CASSA AgriTec’s Bio Bone (Slow Release) is an organically based product, produced in our facilities in Victoria from sustainable sources of fish. This all natural, environmentally friendly fertilizer does not contain preservatives or fillers and utilizes and diverts waste from landfill to create a sustainable, natural alternative solution to harsh chemical fertilizers.

1000kg  Bulk Bag - Pure Powder

(Also available in 1kg Sample Bag and 20kg Bag)

Bio Bone (Slow Release) Benefits

+ High in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Calcium
+ High in Organic Carbon and Macro and Micro Nutrients
+ Easy-to-use, Slow-Release source of burn-free Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Calcium
+ Supports sustained Plant Growth and Reduces leaching into Ground and Surface Water
+ Micronised to <80 Micron Particle Size for Maximum Absorption
+ Sourced from registered Sustainable Australian Fishery (Diverts Waste from Landfill)
+ Reinvigorates Microbes in the Soil to Supports Stronger Plants and Higher Yields
+ Ideal for Perennials and Bulbs
+ High levels of Phosphorus aids Root Development, Flowering and Fruiting
+ High levels of Calcium Improves New Shoot Development and Plant Structure
+ Excellent Superior Alternative to Traditional Bone Meal
+ Organic (No Preservatives or fillers) & Environmentally Sustainable Product
+ All Natural, Australian Made and Owned Product

Bio Bone Brochure - PDF Link