BioN Plant Defence - 1kg (Powder)

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Nature's Biological Protection

BioN Plant Defence Formula
Bionematicide Formula
Organic Biological Formulation

Active Ingredient: Paecilomyces lilacinus



CASSA AgriTec’s BioN Plant Defence Formula is a broad spectrum, preventative suppression and control formula for the support of plant health. BioN’s Bionematicide formulation is a root-colonizing biological defence, that can be used at planting and post planting, providing season-long protection against soil nematodes, soil arthropods and fungal disease. CASSA AgriTec’s BioN Plant Defence is an organic biological formulation that contains the naturally occurring micro-organism Paecilomyces lilacinus. 

1kg Sealed Bag (Powder)

BioN Plant Defence Benefits

+ Micro-biological Root-colonizing Active Ingredient that Kills Nematodes
+ Multi-site Mode of Action Against Nematodes Eggs and Juveniles
+ Broad Spectrum Activity Against a Multitude Nematodes
+ Activity by Contact, Ingestion and Exposure
+ Internal Plant Response
+ Economical Solution to Nematodes and Soil Insect Pests
+ Creates a Biochemical and Physical Barrier to Improve Plant Health
+ Broad spectrum suppression & control that provides extended protection
+ Promotes Stronger, Healthier Roots
+ Active Against Specific Soil Arthropods
+ Ideal for both Planting or Post-Planting Applications
+ Organic, All Natural, Non-toxic Plant Defence Formula

BioN Plant Defence Brochure - PDF Link

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