AIC Plant Defence Formula - 20L

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Nature's Biological Protection

AIC Plant Defence Formula
Trichoderma Harzianum & WHA Ablone Fish Fertilizer
Organic Biological Formulation

Active Ingredients: Trichoderma Harzianum & Wild Harvest 100% Australian Abalone


CASSA AgriTec’s AIC Plant Defence Formula is a broad spectrum, preventative product for the support of plant health in aetiology and infestation control. Through the use of organic biological agents our AIC Plant Defence Formula supports optimal environmental conditions that enable plants to control and suppress aetiology and infestation. Bio-fungicides are formulations of living organisms that are used to control the activity of plant pathogenic fungi and bacteria. CASSA AgriTec’s AIC Plant Defence Formula is a biological, cost-effective solution that is ideal for in-crop protection across a range of climates including tropical and sub-tropical climates. AIC Plant Defence Formula supports plant health and produce and can maximise shelf-life after harvest when used for aetiology and infestation control. Our organic biological formulation is non-toxic to pollinators and other beneficial insects and insects which means it won't kill off beneficial fauna.

AIC Plant Defence + WHA Fertilizer Benefits

+ Natural Biological Protection from Organic Micro-Organisms
+ Ideal for Plant supported Resistance Management
+ Broad Range Plant Protection
+ Ideal for In-Crop disease control
+ Healthier Plants and Produce & Extends Shelf Life after Harvest
+ Works in Tropical and Sub-tropical Climates
+ High Quality, Cost Effective Solution
+ Natural source of Nutrients, Vitamins, Proteins and Amino Acids
+ Contains Macro and Micro Nutrients that are completely Soluble
+ Stimulates Existing Soil Microbes & Improves Bio Energy Foundation
+ Organic All Natural, Non-toxic and can be used on all Plants

Size: 20 LitreDrum

(20G  AIC Formula + 20L WHA Abalone Fish Fertilizer) (Blended)

AIC Plant Defence 20L LABEL - PDF Link

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