Bio Earth 1 - 200L

Bio Earth 1 - 200L

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Bio Earth 1 - Organic Fertilizer

Soil Enhancer Liquid Marine Fertilizer 
Certified Organic

CASSA AgriTec Liquid Seaweed and Abalone Fish Soil Enhancer Fertiliser.
Wild Harvested 100% Australian Seaweed and Abalone Fish. 

Certified Organic Fertilizer  (ACO Cert. No. 13356)

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Bio Earth 1 Organic Soil Enhancer Fertilizer enhances soil health and fertility, supplying essential nutrients and active micro-organisms for optimal plant growth. It provides a comprehensive range of fully chelated micro-nutrients and incorporates wild harvested seaweed and abalone fish as a organic, sustainable, highly active marine fertilizer solution to farmers and growers.Unlike synthetic fertilizers BioEarth1 contains a cocktail of beneficial active micro-organisms in addition to primary and secondary nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and active micro-organisms. Plants grown in soils abundant in active micro-organisms that receive a balance of primary and secondary nutrients experience strong and steady plant growth leading to vigorous healthy plants that have higher yields and can better withstand disease and pest issues. Our liquid organic seaweed and abalone fish fertilizer isl free-flowing organic liquid which means it is easy to decant into mixing and irrigation tanks and pass easily through all forms of spray equipment. The improved efficiency of our easy flow fertilizers means our products are rapidly absorbed and deliver the nutrients evenly. BioEarth1 is a completely natural non-toxic organic product that is safe on all soils and plants.

100% Wild Harvested Australian Seaweed and Abalone Fish


Bio Earth 1 Fertilizer Beneficial natural hormones such as Auxins, Cytokinins, Betaines, and Gibberellins play a pivotal role in maximizing plant growth, development, and overall health by intricately regulating vital metabolic activities. Photosynthetic bacteria contained in the marine ingredients (such as, Rhodopseudomonas spp, Bradyrhizobium spp) recycle organic compounds and stimulate plant growth. Yeasts (such as Saccaromyces spp, Debaryomyces spp) produce growth substances and suppress harmful microorganisms. Bio Earth 1 stimulates exisitng soil microbes and revitalise depleated soils to accelerate roolth growth, promote strong cell growth and produce stronger faster growing plants.

Bio Earth 1 Soil Enhancer Benefits

Excellent Natural Plant Booster and Microbe Food Source
+ Reduces Plant Stress, Revitalizes and Detoxifies Poor Soil
+ Natural source of Nutrients, Vitamins, Proteins and Amino Acids
+ Contains Macro and Micro Nutrients that are completely Soluble
+ Stimulates Existing Soil Microbes Establishes
+ Improves Bio Energy Foundation
+ Contains beneficial natural hormones; Auxins, Cytokinins, Betaines & Gibbelerins
+ Stimulates accelerated Root Growth and Promotes Strong Cell Growth
+ Increases Moisture Retention and Soil Aeration
+ Improves the appearance of Fruit, Vegetables, Flowers and Foliage
+ Organic All Natural, Non-toxic and can be used on all Plants