Bio Earth 7 - 1000L

Bio Earth 7 - 1000L

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Bio Earth 7 - Biological Fertilizer

Soil Improver Liquid Abalone Fish Fertilizer 
Plus Seven Probiotic Bacteria

CASSA AgriTec Liquid Abalone Soil Enhancer Fish Fertiliser. Wild Harvested 100% Australian Seaweed. Plus 7 Active Pro-Biotic Bacteria. 1000 Litre IBC

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Bio Earth 7 is a locally sourced, sustainable Biological Liquid Fish Fertilizer with seven active pro-biotic bacteria. These beneficial soil bacteria act as bio-stimulants and biological inputs into the soil that increase yields, improve plant health, reduce disease and increase pest resistance. BioEarth7 significantly improves soil health and increases soil fertility by providing the primary nutrients and active micro-organisms necessary for plants to thrive. BioEarth7 Soil Improver Fertilizer offers a source of burn-free nitrogen, along with other primary nutrients such as phosphorus and potassium. Unlike synthetic fertilizer, it also provides secondary nutrients such as calcium and active micro-organisms. Plants grown in soils abundant in active micro-organisms that receive a balance of primary and secondary nutrients experience strong and steady plant growth leading to vigorous healthy plants that can better withstand disease and pest issues. Our liquid fertilizer range are all free-flowing organic liquid that are easy to decant into mixing and irrigation tanks and are guaranteed to pass easily through all forms of spray equipment, which means no more spray nozzle blockages and wasted downtime. The improved efficiency of our easy flow fertilizers means our products are rapidly absorbed and deliver the nutrients evenly. BioEarth7 is a completely natural, non-toxic organic product that is safe on all soils and plants.

100% Wild Harvested Australian Abalone, Fish, Active Pro-Biotic Bacteria


7 x Active Pro-biotic Soil Improving Live Bacteria Beneficial bacteria and fungi are active in healthy soil. These beneficial living microbes help to break down soil nutrients and stop highly valuable nutrients from absorbing into the air or water. The addition of Active Pro-Biotics into the soil through enhancing fertilizers restore nutrient levels and enable the plants to use the soil nutrients more effectively. By injecting ‘good’ microbes into the soil this can dramatically increase crop yields and pest resistance. Bio-fertilizers can also improve water retention levels in soils and increase plant root mass.  These beneficial microbes are a natural resource for plant health and nutrition. Endowed with tremendous genetic and metabolic diversity, it serves multiple ecological functions in soil ecosystem from nutrient cycling to conferring stress tolerance to plants. Further the active bacteria supports plants directly or indirectly through the acquisition of nutrients and overall improvement in growth by production of phytohormones, protection from pathogens and other abiotic stressors.

Bio Earth 7 Soil Improver Benefits

+ Biological fertilizer thats improves soil health, microbiology and fertility
+ 7 Active bacteria that restore beneficial soil bacteria & stimulates biological activity
+ Offers burn-free nitrogen with phosphorus, potassium, calcium & microorganisms
+ Unlocks bound up nutrients in the soil to increases yields and plant health
+ Decreases Plant Disease and Increases Pest Insect and Fungal Resistance
+ Supports strong, vigorous plant growth and returns higher yields
+ Regulates pH in acid and alkaline conditions
+ Stimulates soil bio colonies to reproduce to improve bio-energy formation
+ Improves soil oxygen levels and soil aggregation
+ Extends strong root systems and nutrient absorption
+ Reduces the need for NPK (inorganic) chemical fertilizers
+ Reduces the toxic chemical compounds retained in the soil
+ Cost-effective, chemical free and sustainably sourced