Foliar Spray (Box of 24)

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Premium Foliar Spray 

Liquid Organic Seaweed Conditioner. 
100% Wild Harvested Australian Seaweed Plus Formulated Nutrients & Trace Elements. Convenient 130g Aerosol Spray Can.

Absorbed through Plant Foliage.

Certified Organic (ACO Cert. No. 13356)

Liquid Organic Seaweed Conditioner

CASSA AgriTec’s Organic Seaweed Conditioner is a premium, nutrient rich, easy to use aerosol foliage spray that delivers a fine mist conditioner that stimulates plant growth. This non-toxic, water-based, convenient spray is scientifically formulated using wild harvested seaweed minerals that stimulate plant growth. The spray contains an extract of natural phyto-hormones and over 40 trace micro-nutrients specifically formulated to enhance growth in all plant species including indoor and flowering plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables. The fine mist spray is absorbed through the plants foliage which improves in the uptake of nutrients and in turn boosts plant growth and longevity of foliage, flowers and fruits. The premium conditioning spray also supports root development and increases the stress resistance of plants to adverse soil, environmental and climatic conditions.

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Ideal for use on indoor and potted plants, bonsai, herbs, fruits and vegetables, flowering plants such as orchids, roses and many more applications...

Foliar Spray Benefits
+ Easy to Use
+ Convenient Ultra Fine Mist Aerosol Spray
+ Boosts Plant Growth and Root Development
+ Increases Longevity of Leaves, Flowers & Fruits
+ Increases Plant Health and Stress Resistance
+ No need to dilute with water, No wastage, No spillages
+ Easy to store aerosol can offers prolonged shelf life
+ Wild Harvested Seaweed sustainably sourced from Victorian
+ Certified Organic Seaweed Fertiliser

Ingredients: 100% Wild Harvested Australian Seaweed, Formulated Nutrients & Trace Elements